cash express in the community


Cash Express will go the extra mile to get involved in community events. Each year, our company supports an Annual Toy & Coat Drive for the Christmas Season. This is when Cash Express collects donations for needy families. Donations include but are not limited to clothes, canned food, toys for children, and school supplies. Please be sure to participate in this event to support individuals in your community.

Everyone remembers what happened on September 11, 2001. This is a day that will not be forgotton by anyone. We at Cash Express want to say a special thank you to our civil servants.

Listed below are links to several photo galleries where Cash Express has participated in the community events stated above. Please click the following links to see pictures/newspaper articles of the Cash Express events.

1. Toy and Coat Drive 2009

2. Honoring Civil Servants 9-11-2009

3. Customer Appreciation 2010

4. Honoring Civil Servants 2010

5. Toy and Coat Drive 2010

6. Misc. Events

7. Toy and Coat Drive 2011

8. Honoring Civil Servants 9-11-2011

9. Honoring Civil Servants 9-11-2012

10. Honoring Civil Servants 9-11-2012 Album 2

11. Grand Openings

12. Complementary Letters