Frequently Asked Questions


Q: In what states may I do a title loan?
A: You may do a title loan in Tennessee or Alabama.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of a check I may cash?
A: No. With proper documentation you may cash any check with us.

Q: What services are offered in Tennessee?
A: In a Tennessee Store, you may do a payday loan, cash a check, do a title loan, or a collateral loan.

Q: What services are offered in Kentucky?
A: In a Kentucky store, you may do a payday loan or cash a check.

Q: What is the maximum payday loan I may do?
A: Cash Express offers payday loans up to $500.

Q: How do I contact a store close to me?
A: There are a few ways to find a store close to you. One way is to use our Store Locator to search for an address/phone number. You may also dial 1-888-899-0399 from your phone. This will connect you to the closest Cash Express store from your location.


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